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marriage manual cover
A Marriage Manual

Marriage Manual: The actual “Marriage Manual” is the Bible, but many of the most significant Bible passages about marriage are developed and explained in this couples Bible study. It contains Scripture, outlines, articles, and other marriage resources to strengthen your marriage.

Onward Discipleship Journey (cover)
The Onward Discipleship Journey

Onward Discipleship Journey is an 8 session discipleship track that has two important purposes:
(1) to disciple a new believer
(2) equip and train Christians to know how to make disciples who can make disciples.
Developed from the best practices of effective Disciple-Making Movements around the world, yet uniquely adapted to the American culture.

thru the bible cover
Thru the Bible

Thru the Bible is an 8-session inductive Bible study that is designed to gather people into groups to overview the entire Bible by studying 8 important Bible chapters (4 Old Testament and 4 New Testament chapters). It is designed so that anyone can lead a group without being a “Bible teacher.”

whole christmas story cover
The Whole Christmas Story

The Christmas story is more than a baby in a manger. This short booklet tells the whole story of Christmas—a story which began in the beginning and continues today.

the coming king cover
The Coming King

This 30-day devotional examines King Jesus in His first and second coming. Beautiful pictures of His coming Kingdom are developed as the Scriptures tell of His reign as King of kings when He takes His rightful seat on David’s throne in Jerusalem.

The Christmas Story - In Its Jewish Context
The Christmas Story – In Its Jewish Context

The Christmas Story In Its Jewish Context: The traditional way the Christmas story is told removes it from its Jewish cultural context. Jesus (Hebrew name Yeshua) was born to two Jewish young people who were faithful Torah observant Galilean Jews in Israel in the first century. This booklet tells of the birth of the Messiah in this context and corrects many of the inaccuracies that are found in the traditional Christmas story.

parenting manual cover
Parenting Manual

Parenting Manual: As the father of five and grandfather of eighteen, Pastor Gary has been a student of parenting for many decades. The Bible has much to say about proper parenting, and the passages, explanations, articles, and illustrations in this Parenting Manual can be a blessing to parents and their children.

onward to jerusalem cover
Onward to Jerusalem Tour Book 2022

This is the tour book that outlines our tour of Israel in October 2022. See the places where the Bible happened, and follow along as we walk where Jesus walked.

In the Footsteps of Jesus
In the Footsteps of Jesus

This 31-day devotional tour through the Holy Land traces Jesus in the places where He walked, and taught, died, and rose from the dead. It is like your personal tour of Israel in the context of the story of Jesus.

Images of Messiah
Images of Messiah

This 25-day Christmas devotional is designed to show images of Jesus the Messiah in the pages, and stories of the Old Testament. The Messiah was promised first immediately after Adam’s sin, and is seen over and over again long before He was found in Bethlehem’s manger.

christmas with the family cover
Christmas with the Family

This is the true story of Pastor Gary’s first Christmas in their cabin in Brown County (Nashville, Indiana) and shows the beauty of a storybook family Christmas.

Christmas Joy cover
Christmas Joy

Adapted from an unknown author this heartwarming story set in 1881 reminds us that Christmas joy comes only when we are willing to serve others. This is a favorite of Gary’s grandchildren.

Immanuel Names of God Cover
Immanuel – God With Us

This 25-day Christmas devotional is designed to be done December 1-25 to prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus. It is based on names of God from Scripture. These names teach us about the character of our Lord.