We Are Intentional About Discipling Students


Join us Sunday nights at 6 pm at the Fishers YMCA. Here are some of the principles and concepts we apply to our student ministry:


Training our students to be disciple-makers.

From our inception our students have led our congregation in obeying the Great Commission. Our students know how to share their own faith stories with friends and classmates who are far from God. They know how to explain the Gospel and how to lead their friends into a relationship with Christ. Once one of their friends have trusted in Christ, they know how to disciple them to grow in their faith.


Gifted and Committed Youth Leaders.

Our youth leaders are living out their faith in obedience to Christ. They show evidence of spiritual maturity and model unconditional love to our students. The married couples have strong and healthy marriages, which serves as an example to the students. Any parent should be blessed to have these incredible leaders pouring into their students.


Teaching the Deep Truths of God’s Word.

No “Christianity-lite” for our students. Students are hungry for the deep truths of the Christian faith. They want the knowledge to defend their faith in an often, hostile world. They desire to know why they believe what they believe. We are committed to teaching God’s word and challenging our students to obey and love God with their whole hearts.


Good, wholesome fun.

We have no “kill joys” among our youth leaders. We want the students to have fun, to build lifelong relationships and to be motivated to gather each week for youth group. Creating a fun and thoroughly enjoyable environment for the students is imperative.


Summer Youth Camp.

We make significant investment (both financial and volunteer) in our Summer Youth Camp. We believe that this dedicated time away from home that focuses on an intimate relationship with God—while experiencing outrageous fun—is the recipe for lifelong commitments to Christ. Friendships are developed that provide support and encouragement throughout the school year.


Serving Others.

Several service projects are planned each year. Our students have opportunities of serving others and thereby learning to be servants of Christ. Our students serve in meaningful ways in our children’s ministries. They serve our community through service projects. They are encouraged to be leaders in their schools by serving the needs of their classmates.