The Onward Discipleship Journey

What is the Onward Discipleship Journey?

The Onward Discipleship Journey is a pathway that trains disciples to be committed followers of Jesus who become disciple-makers themselves.  Each session in the Onward Discipleship Journey builds upon the other. At the end, you’ll have a strong foundation for your walk with Jesus — you’ll understand what it means to be a disciple and how to disciple others.

Our process of discipleship was developed from best practices by missionaries and leaders of Disciple Making Movements (DMM) and Church Planting Movements (CPM) around the world.  Onward Discipleship Journey has been adapted to be relevant and effective in American culture.

Session Topics:

Session 1: Assurance of Salvation

Session 2: Baptism

Session 3: Prayer

Session 4: Bible Study & Devotions

Session 5: Your Faith Story

Session 6: God’s Story—THE BRIDGE

Session 7: Church: Christian Community

Session 8: Practice Being the Church

The final session leads you to bring together a small group.  You will invite this small group to continue the journey together the next step: Thru the Bible.



Once the 8 sessions of Onward Discipleship Journey have been completed you will gather in a small group to understand the big story of the Bible.  In this next step on your journey, you will examine 8 Bible chapters which provide an overview of the entire message of the Bible…God’s redemption of broken people.

In recent surveys, over 60% of Americans say they would be willing to study the Bible if someone asked them.  Thru the Bible is a Bible study designed to create and lead small groups (2 or more) through a study of the Bible.  If a friend asked the question, “What is the Bible about?” how would you answer?

Questions that Thru the Bible will answer:  If you were to study the Bible with someone, how and where would you start?  How can you form and lead a Bible study even if you don’t consider yourself a Bible teacher?  Do you have a simple method to study the Bible that anyone can use to draw out the meaning?

This study is designed to help answer these questions through an inductive, discovery Bible study where everyone participates.  The methods we use can be applied to any Bible passage to help you understand and apply the meaning to your life.  You do not have to be a Bible teacher to lead someone in this study.  Simply turn to the first session and follow the written instructions.

Eight Sessions:

Session 1         Genesis 3        Sin Enters the World

Session 2         Exodus 20       God Gives 10 Commandments

Session 3         Psalm 103       God’s Loving Character

Session 4         Isaiah 53          Messiah Offered for Sin

Session 5         John 1              God’s Son Comes to Us

Session 6         Matthew 28     Jesus’ Death & Resurrection

Session 7         Romans 8        Victorious Christian Living

Session 8         Revelation 20  Jesus Returns to Rule the Earth

Once this group has been formed and you have completed 8 sessions together, the relational connection of the group should be established so you will continue your journey together.