Gary's Biography

Gary tells, “As a native Hoosier I was in the business world for almost 20 years, but became a pastor after my wife was killed when our car was hit by a drunk driver.  It left me with four children to rear.  Through this experience God taught me the value of my faith and my family in a profound way.”

Gary and Kathy StumpIn 1989 I remarried, Kathy, and together we raised our four children—all of whom are now married and faithfully serving the Lord through the ministries of their local churches.  In addition to the four children, we have one more son born in 1998, and seventeen grandchildren.  One of my greatest joys is having all the kids and grandkids over to our house for dinner.  The chaos and noise is awesome!

For recreation I root for the Colts, play golf, and fish with my son in the pristine streams and rivers of upstate New York.”

Gary Studied at Indiana University, The American College, Crossroads Bible College and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Email:


Gary’s Faith Story

I was born in Indianapolis, and grew up determined to be successful. I had big goals for myself!  Although I went to church and believed in God, I didn’t have a relationship with Him.  I was too focused on my business career and becoming successful.

When I married, I continued to relentlessly pursue my dreams, my goals and my plans. One morning in 1975 I had breakfast with another businessman who began to talk with me about how I could have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I knew about Jesus, but I didn’t know Him—I didn’t even know I was supposed to know Him.  During his prayer, he gave me the opportunity to ask Jesus to become the ruler of my life.  I simply quit arguing and resisting, and in a moment of surrender, I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and take control of my life.

Since that time I have determined to allow God to rule my life.  I quit trying to pursue my plan and my agenda and allowed God to make the plans for my life.  God’s plan hasn’t always been easy—my wife was killed by a drunk driver, and my son suffered a traumatic brain injury—but God proved Himself to me through it all.  I’ve found that living surrendered to God’s plan is better than anything I could experience on my own.  In 1989 I surrendered to a call to be a pastor and I have pastored churches in Indiana since then.  Today, God has blessed me with an incredible wife of 26 years, five children and seventeen grandchildren.