Dear Friends,

Onward Church has canceled our worship gathering at Conner Prairie this morning, but I will be sharing a message online through FACEBOOK LIVE at 11am today.  I hope you will tune in.  Below is a repeat of my post from yesterday which provides a guide for a time of worship for your family this morning. KEEP PRAYING!!

I love you all!  Pastor Gary


Dear Friends and Church Family,

SERVICE CANCELED TODAY:  We are in unprecedented times!  Because of the Coronavirus we have canceled our worship gathering this Sunday.  Our leaders will reassess this each week and let you know how we will proceed. Please pray!!

FACEBOOK LIVE THIS MORNING (SUNDAY) AT 11:00 AM:  We are asking all of you to join me tomorrow (Sunday) morning on Facebook Live as I will be broadcasting my message beginning at 11:00am.  To see the message go to my Facebook page at: and watch the video as it plays.  (NOTE: You don’t have to be watching live.  You can see the message video at any time on my Facebook page.  If we are not “friends” on Facebook, please send me a friend request.  Also, please consider sharing my message on your Facebook page.)  We will also post the message on the Onward Church website.

OUR REASONS:  Our reasons for canceling include:  The City of Fishers has asked congregations to meet online only.  Governor Holcomb has asked for there to be no gatherings larger than 250.  Conner Prairie has closed until at least March 31st, and although we could still meet, it was deemed prudent to suspend our Sunday gathering on a week-by-week basis as we work our way through this crisis.  The consequences of someone getting sick is simply too great.

OUR ALTERNATIVE RECOMMENDED PLAN:  I would ask you to gather your family at 10:30am (our usual meeting time) and have a time of worship using this format as a guide.

1.  Begin in Prayer:  Sunday, March 15th has been named as a National Day of Prayer
Share your Highlight from this past week
Share your Challenge your are facing this week
(Please send your Highlights and Challenges to me by responding to this email)

2.  Worship:  Watch and sing along with the worship videos on YouTube

Way Maker Leeland – (Official Live Video):

Stand In Your Love Josh Baldwin – (Lyrics):

Who You Say I Am – Hillsong Worship:

3.  Give Online:  You may give online as you are led through this link.  

4.  Watch the Message:  On Gary Stump Facebook Page. I will be talking about our Christian response to the Cornavirus.  The Bible has much to say about how we as Christians are to respond in times of crisis.  You can watch using this link:

5.  Discuss:  Take a few minutes to discuss specific ways you will obey what the Lord is leading you to do as a result of the message.

6.  Close in Prayer:  Have each family member pray.

You can respond to this email with any questions or comments.  Please let me know if you have prayer requests, or if you, or anyone you know, has special needs.  My regular email is: Our Elder emails are listed below.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!  It grieves me deeply to think that I will not see you in person this Sunday. But we will get through this time.  God is with us!  He will provide guidance and strength.  His protection and peace will surround us as we trust in Him.

Onward in Christ’s strength and grace,
Pastor Gary