Dear Friends,

Jesus walked on the dusty roads of Israel up the hills and down in the valleys requiring three days to travel from Galilee to Jerusalem. As they traveled, He walked with His disciples and slept under the stars many nights. Through the witness of the Scriptures we can follow Jesus as He fulfills the mission His Father gave Him.

This is a look at some of the sites in Israel that have been connected with the life and ministry of Jesus. My hope is that these images connected with the applicable Bible passages might bring you to a better understanding of our Savior and our God— the Lord Jesus Christ!

For the next 31 days we will consider one place each day where Jesus walked. You will see a picture of a Biblical place in Israel with a relevant Scripture and a devotional thought for you to ponder.

My prayer is that your spiritual life will be enriched as you walk with me…

In the footsteps of Jesus!

Onward following Jesus,
Pastor Gary

In The Footsteps Of Jesus 31 Day Devo